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AirCon Installation Tips In A Tropical Climate

What You Should Know Before Any Air Con Installation

aircon in the tropicsAir conditioning systems help keep your home cool when t’s hot outside and warm when it’s cold. Installing an air conditioning system is a big investment for any property owner. There are a lot of moving parts in the whole installation process that might not be easy to understand. Well, here’s a guide on what you need to know about air con installation.

Type Of Air Conditioning System

There are different types of air conditioning systems currently in the market. Choosing the right air con system can be a tough decision to make. Here’s what you need to know about the leading types to make your decision easier.

a) Monoblock Systems

They are also referred to as standalone air conditioning systems. They are perfect for cooling a specific area in the property such as the bedroom or any other room in the house. Currently, these are the cheapest systems that are portable. There is no need to hire professional installers or request for maintenance services when using Monoblock air conditioning systems. Besides these advantages, they have a few limitations such as a high noise level, cost of running is too high and they are only applicable to small areas.

b) Mountable Systems

As the name suggests, these air conditioners are mounted on the ceiling, wall or windows with all the components in one container. The container is located half inside and the rest outside the building. They need professional installation and can only work in one room.

c) Split Air Conditioning Systems

They are perfect for cooling at most 2 rooms in any home. Despite being more expensive and requiring professional installation and maintenance, the efficiency levels for split air conditioning systems are quite high.

d) Central Air Con Systems

They are also referred to as fixed systems and are installed in a separate room but supplies air to each room through ducts. These systems can be controlled remotely and can be interchanged within rooms. Such air con systems are perfect for large buildings especially in a commercial setting. Mostly, they are installed during construction of the building since installation can be very disruptive. However, the efficiency levels are very high.

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Before air con installation, it’s important to check the warranty which may differ depending on the model. There are a few air conditioning systems manufacturers who can extend warranties depending on whether certain terms and conditions have been met.

Cost Of Installation

To make sure that the air conditioning system works perfectly, it’s important to hire professional installers. Depending on the type of system or the size of the property, the cost of installation may differ. Before choosing an installation company, it’s important to get multiple quotes from many companies as possible.

Cost Of Maintenance Or Repair

There are a few professional air con installation companies that offer free maintenance and repair services to their esteemed clients. Therefore, you should always enquire about the terms. Remember, air conditioning services require to be serviced at least once every year for effective functioning. Therefore, find the right company for the job.

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Video Tips On Air Con Installation

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