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How to Choose a Home and Land Package in Texas

Most modular home building companies also work with land registry offices, especially in Texas where the cost of a plot can be just as important as the house that will be constructed on top of it. This can make things much easier for home buyers to decide on the type of house that a buyer might want to have built in terms of size or included facilities such as a beautiful custom pool.

There are two ways to do this.

The first will be to purchase the plot and the modular home separately, from two different bodies. This can be useful if the buyer wishes to keep the processes separate, but it can often result in added expenses. The second, and more preferable way, is to pick a package that encompasses both the ownership of a plot of land, as well as the development of the property that will be built on it.

How to choose a home and land package in Texas

When undertaking the latter option, there are several things to look for that can make a difference to the outcome of a construction project. For example:

Have you considered your budget?

There’s a reason why new home buyers opt for packages instead of regular purchases, or buying separately, and this is because they are often cheaper. In some cases, up to 10% of the total cost of a home building project can be saved by choosing a manufacturing company that also works in the management and sale of land, and if you are keen to keep your budget as low as possible, these types of packages might well be the way to go.

Have you thought about your options?

Some packages will include particular benefits, while others might not. If you make the mistake of choosing a provider that has overlooked a few key advantages, then you could end up kicking yourself in the future. A good package should include the reduced price of a plot of land, as well as a cheaper modular home that might have been more expensive had it have been purchased separately, and outside of the package itself.

Are the deals that you are being presented with official?

It’s not unheard of for some property development companies to overlook the importance of things like planning permission and land ownership, and more than a few home buyers have been stung by these types of services in the past. Fortunately, the construction industry is tightly governed and managed these days which can be very reassuring – but there are still some companies that operate outside of the box. A good home construction company, especially one that deals with modular home packages, should be able to prove their credentials and demonstrate their official position within the development field.

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